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tom bonked 24 Sep 2023 09:25 +0000
original: nadim@mastodon.symbolic.software

Apple hired Larry David to do a sketch for WWDC 2014.

Apple execs had a panic attack when they saw the final sketch and buried it.

It leaked online in 2021. Apple removed it from every single leak and video website. Here it is again:

External Attachment:

tom bonked 23 Sep 2023 23:06 +0000
original: TheEvilSkeleton@social.treehouse.systems

Upscaler 1.2.0 is available on Flathub 🎉 - Upscaler is an app that allows you to upscale and enhance images, be it 2D or 3D.

We've put a lot of effort to improve stability and compliance with the GNOME interface guidelines. We've also made the following changes/additions:

• New icon
• Add drag & drop support
• New keyboard shortcuts
• Add labels for assistive technologies
• Improve support for high contrast
• Port to newer widgets
• Ellipsize text when file names are too long
• Add WebP support
• Transpose image (useful for photos taken by smartphones)
• New translations
• Add Vulkan checker

I also want to congratulate @gregorni and Matteo for being maintainers and helping out the project :)

Upscaler is available on Flathub: https://flathub.org/apps/io.gitlab.theevilskeleton.Upscaler

The source code is available on GNOME GitLab: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Upscaler/

#GNU #Linux #AI #GNOME #GTK #Python #Flathub #Flatpak

External Attachment: Screenshot of the welcome page. The page shows Upscaler's logo, followed by text that mentions that the user can drag and drop images as well. Below the text, there is a pill button to open an image from the file picker.

External Attachment: Screenshot of the upscale page. It showcases Hatsune Miku (a 2D character) as the preview, followed by the image properties: image size and expected size after it upscales. Below, "Cartoon/Anime" is selected as the type of image, and the location the user wants to save the image.

External Attachment: Screenshot of the drag and drop page. I drag a picture of Hatsune Miku into the Upscaler window, in which it reacts and mentions to drop the image to open.

tom bonked 23 Sep 2023 03:41 +0000
original: tedu@honk.tedunangst.com

GNU social converts all images to webp. Honk converts all webp to jpeg.

Prepare yourselves for the singularity.