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tom bonked 01 Dec 2022 12:37 +0000
original: Mithridates@mstdn.social

I think #rustlang should be marketed as a language for lazy programmers. There's a lot to learn and no shortcuts, but after the hard work is done you get to be super lazy!

Pass the wrong arguments into a function and get told how to fix it. Break the code while refactoring and ask the compiler to tell you what to do. Use other people's code via a single line in cargo.toml. Ask clippy if your code is weird and how to improve it. Don't think about race conditions. Let your mind drift

tom honked 28 Nov 2022 00:07 +0000

@vzaliva Hi Vadim 👋 great that ActivityPub works at least in one way 😂

tom bonked 26 Nov 2022 13:03 +0000
original: rain@hachyderm.io

Hi friends, if you're managing an #OpenSource or #FOSS project please tag every release you make. It's really helpful for inspecting source code and finding regressions.

#Nextest has its automated release flow be triggered by tag pushes, which means that creating and pushing tags (managed by cargo-release) is an essential part of the process. Feel free to adapt nextest's release flow to your liking!